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Carman & Associates Fire Investigation provides superior fire investigation services for clients nationwide. With over 50 years of experience, we specialize in determining the origin and cause of fires, explosions, arson, and other complex cases.

Whether you’re an attorney, insurer, or manufacturer who needs answers, our team of certified fire investigators and engineers will uncover the truth. We pride ourselves on thorough scene examination, scientific analysis, and clear reports that stand up when cases go to court.

In addition to investigation, we offer consulting, training programs, and fire protection system audits tailored to your specific needs. When you require the highest quality forensic fire services, rely on the Carman team for responsive, client-focused solutions.

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Carman & Associates is your source for reliable, expert results in all your fire- and explosion-related cases. Whether the fire or explosion is in an industrial warehouse, a home in your neighborhood, a ship at sea or in our wildlands, Carman & Associates is qualified, certified and competent to assist you.

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