Carman & Associates Fire Investigation

Generally serving California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii
Welcome to Carman & Associates Fire Investigation, the professional’s resource for scientific-based fire, arson and explosion investigation, litigation / case review, fire behavior analysis, and expert witness services.

Carman & Associates is a California-based fire investigation firm providing clients in California and around the country with the highest quality service from the fire scene to the courtroom. Whether a product manufacturer, fire / admiralty attorney, or insurance professional, you can rely on Carman & Associates for superior investigations and expert witness services. If you need a determination as to the origin and cause of a fire or explosion or have more complex questions, depend on the extensive forensic experience of Carman & Associates.

Carman & Associates offers more than twenty years of award-winning investigative performance specializing in large and complex losses, from accidental fires to intentional arsons and bombings. Our work is based upon extensive science and engineering training and highly sought after and proven expert witness experience.

Carman & Associates is your source for reliable, expert results in all your fire- and explosion-related cases. Whether the fire or explosion is in an industrial warehouse, a home in your neighborhood, a ship at sea or in our wildlands, Carman & Associates is qualified, certified and competent to assist you.