Professional Training Programs

Steve Carman has been presenting training programs covering various aspects of fire, arson and bombing investigation since the early 1990s. His science and engineering education along with practical experience working hundreds of cases with investigators around the United States has resulted in scientifically based presentations aimed at the practicing investigator.

Various classes continue to be well received and specifically sought out both nationally and internationally.


Example Training Programs & Topics

  • Fire Dynamics
  • Fire Reconstruction for Investigators
  • Critical Thinking in Fire Investigation
  • Origin and Cause Investigation
  • Computer Fire Modeling
  • Investigation of Elevated Fires
  • Understanding Post-Flashover Behavior
  • Maritime Fire Investigation
  • Clean Burn Fire Patterns
  • High Temperature Accelerant Fires
  • Fire Protection Systems & Structures
  • Mathematics for the Fire Investigator
  • Fire Chemistry
  • Arson Investigation
  • Post Blast Investigation

Specialized Programs & Classes

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Over 30 years of investigative experience analyzing many of the nation’s most notable fire incidents.