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Fire & Explosion Investigation

Carman & Associates offers you professional and complete investigations of all aspects of fire, arson, explosion and bombing events, not just origin and cause determinations. Large scale losses and complex scene examinations are our specialty. See how we can meet your needs and answer your most complex questions.

Fire / Explosion Risk Analysis

While identifying the contributing factors to any fire or explosion after the event is important, so too is the prevention of such devastation. We at Carman & Associates can identify the factors that could potentially ruin your operation so you can take steps to prevent them and continue doing what you do best.

Hazardous Scene Investigation

OSHA regulations strictly limit those who can enter and process a fire scene involving the release or potential release of hazardous chemicals. At Carman & Associates, we can enter the scene to conduct your investigation backed by our full Hazwoper certification to the HAZMAT Technician level. Additionally, our investigators bring years of education and training in chemistry and chemical operations and the handling of hazardous materials.

Expert Witness Services

With over 20 years of successful investigative experience, litigation support and testimony in federal and state courtrooms, Carman & Associates can help you present your case in the most professional manner. To best represent your clients in the courts, call on our professionals to help tell your side of the story.

Scientific Fire Behavior Analysis

Faced with a difficult fire scenario? To answer the crucial questions of “Why” and “How”, call on the expertise of Carman & Associates to explain complex, scientific phenomena in easy-to-understand terms. Ask how we can take your investigative facts and leave you with a more complete and accurate understanding of complex fire behavior.

Marine Investigation

As complicated as fires and explosions can be, the complexity of those in the marine environment increases dramatically. Only Carman & Associates offers you a technically and scientifically competent investigation coupled with years of at-sea, ship command experience. Nowhere else will you find such expertise than from the firm that wrote the International Association of Arson Investigators’ training program on marine fires.

Computer & Mathematical Fire Modeling

Fire is a series of complex events involving thermodynamics, chemistry and fluid dynamics to name a few. Some cases require intense hypothesis testing to ensure accuracy in your investigation. Carman & Assoicates offers years of experience with computer and mathematical fire modeling to assist with such analysis. Ask us how this service can benefit your case.

Consultation & Litigation Review

Fire investigation is a complex process and requires expertise in many areas of science, investigative techniques, and law. Are you confident that your expert has the qualifications necessary to ensure success in the courtroom? Carman & Associates offers years of successful litigation support in very complex cases. Ask how we can help answer your questions before you enter the courtroom.

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